About Us

Malampa Travel is a locally based non-for-profit booking agency. We rely on your support! By organising your trip with Malampa Travel you’ll have a unique holiday experience that directly benefits the local community.

Malampa Travel was established in June 2011 through an initiative by the Malampa Department of Tourism in partnership with the Australian funded TVET (Technical Vocational and Educational Training) program. TVET provided funding to assist in the ongoing training and coaching of Ni-Van owned tourism businesses by TVET consultants and local staff. 

Malampa Travel’s first booking was received on July 2011 shortly after Malampa Travel was launched during Vanuatu’s annual tourism trade show (Tok tok Vanuatu) on 25th August 2011 in Port Vila. At the same time Mr Bill Dobbie, the New Zealand High Commissioner presented a start-up funding agreement from the New Zealand Government, for which we are extremely grateful. Volunteer Service Abroad (NZ Aid) has has continued to support and build capacity ongoing.

We are based Lakatoro, Malekula Island and owned by the Malampa Island Bungalows and Tourism Association (MIBTA). Our job is to help Ni-Vanuatu member tourism operators promote their products and to manage bookings on their behalf. No fees are charged to customers, who pay the same tariffs whether they book through us or direct with the operator.  Because of the communication difficulties and local tourism businesses current inability to accept credit cards, Malampa Travel can handle these transactions on their behalf as well. All profits are returned to MIBTA for the development and marketing of the local tourism industry in Malampa Province (Malekula, Ambrym and Paama Islands).