Malampa Serious Hiker Package

10 Days/9 Nights
South East-West Ambrym & Central Malekula

The ultimate package for keen walkers and adventure-seekers. Starting in the south-east of Ambrym experience the unique kastom of Endu village, including bush-craft and traditional hunting techniques, before departing on a challenging trek up to Ambrym’s two live volcanoes.

To fully experience the atmosphere of the lunar-like ash planes you will stay three nights on the edge of the caldera in both East and West Camps and climb Mount Marum and Benbow to see their lakes of furious molten lava.

Your volcanic encounter concludes descending back through the tropical jungle to Port Vato and onto Craig Cove to relax for the night.

The following day you will fly to Malekula and immediately transfer south to begin the iconic 4 day Manbush Trail – an intrepid and energetic jungle-trek traversing the remote mountains of central Malekula staying in local houses and bush accommodation while learning all about the jungle and traditional life on the way.

Your adventure concludes in South West Bay, where you will relax for the evening before flying out the following day.

Manbush Trek – Finalist: Vanuatu Tourism Awards 2016

Accommodation Details:
10 Days and 9 nights including breakfasts staying at Sea Roar Bungalows, East Ambrym Camp (2 nights), West Ambrym Camp, Sam’s Guesthouse /or Ter Ter Hot Spring Bungalows, Lamburu Camp, Mount Laimbele Camp, Lebongbong Camp and Lumete Beach Guesthouse. Please note that lunch and dinner are not included in the package price (except when trekking) and are to be paid for directly.

​​Please note that flights are not included in package price and must be booked directly with the airlines.

For more information regarding flights visit /getting-here

Price: VT 98,850 / person, 2 min.
Solo Price: VT 123,800


  • Day 1 (Tuesday): Fly Santo to Ulei arriving at 2pm and transfer to Endu to stay at Sea Roar Bungalows. Visit Endu Cultural Tour pm.
  • Day 2 (Wednesday): Begin Volcano Cross-Over (South East to West) Trek.  Camp at East Camp the night.
  • Day 3 (Thursday):  Visit Marum Volcano then hike back to East Camp for a further night.
  • Day 4 (Friday): Continue trek around the caldera, the lava flow and hot water lake to stay at West Camp.
  • Day 5 (Saturday): Trek up Mount Benbow and then down to Port Vato. Finish Trek and transfer from Port Vato to Craig Cove. Overnight at either Sam’s Guesthouse or Ter Ter Hot Spring Bungalows.
  • Day 6 (Sunday): Fly to Norsup at 9.40am. Transfer to Unuafiv to start Manbush Trail Tour. Stay the night at Lamburu Camp.
  • Day 7 (Monday): Continue trek. Stay the night at Mount Laimbele Camp.
  • Day 8 (Tuesday): Continue trek. Stay the night at Lebongbong Camp.
  • Day 9 (Wednesday): Complete Manbush Trail Tour. Stay at Lumete Guesthouse in beautiful South West Bay.
  • Day 10 (Thursday): Free morning to relax before check out and 9.25am flight from South West Bay to Norsup, then Santo or on to Port Vila.​​